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On August 30, 2023, FABc is present at VIT, Vellore-India, marking a significant collaboration aimed at introducing the world's first Blockchain Cybersecurity Framework. Anticipating the signing of the MOU with their management by the following week, we conclude this month with remarkable advancements and achievements. Strong progress ahead!!!
Ready to explore blockchain's core? Join 'Cracking Blockchain' for a 7-day journey, guided by experts, into this transformative tech. Unravel blockchain intricacies through 7 steps that'll set you apart. Wait, there's more: Succeed and not only get a cert but an NFT skill ID, showcasing your proficiency! Secure your spot at just 599/- and invest in a blockchain future. Crack the code and enroll now!
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FABC's CTO and our adept team embarked on a transformative journey at a significant event held in India. Our long term mission is to delve deep into the boundless scalability potential and unique advantages that the TON blockchain offers to the world. As we explored, we uncovered a diverse array of use cases and self-contained ecosystems within the realm of blockchain technology, igniting our imagination with possibilities.
Raving Reviews: Real Stories from Our Valued resource! At FABC, we take pride in the transformations we bring to life. Our valued partners share their journeys of turning inspiration into remarkable achievements. From overcoming challenges to celebrating victories, these testimonials reflect the heart and soul of our collaborative efforts. Join us in celebrating the power of partnership and the remarkable outcomes we create together.
FABc Celebration time. Onam is the time for poookalam on floor, children on swings, tiger clad men with hunters behind them.
To the strong and inspirational women of the UAE, Happy Emirati Women’s Day! Your determination and achievements continue to light the path for generations to come.
A Heartfelt Testimony by our FABc Engineer-Shalini Kumaran.

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Cracking Blockchain

Webinar Live:7 days (1 hour per day)
Video Session:7 days (1 hour per day)
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  1. Requirements involve having a basic understanding of the Internet and an open, curious mind.
  2. Mandatory attendance during the Live FABC Launch Event.

Course Content:

Blockchain foundation-introduction to Blockchain:
  • What is Blockchain?
  • History & origin of Blockchain
  • A brief about blocks & nodes
  • Introduction to nodes
  • Blockchain components
  • Overview of Blockchain types
Working of Blockchain:
  • Tiering of Blockchain technology
  • Understanding a Blockchain transaction
  • Cryptography in Blockchain
  • Blockchain mining
  • Introduction to Cryptocurrency
  • Introduction to Crypto trading
  • Introduction to Ethereum
  • Smart Contract
Applications of Blockchain:
  • Blockchain use cases
  • Evolution of Blockchain ecosystems
Future of Blockchain:
  • Overview of Blockchain frameworks
  • Predicting the future of Blockchain

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