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Revolutionizing the way abilities are traded with NFTs, and fostering a community that's not just changing the game but rewriting the rules.

software development

Increase business impact and agility with in-demand tech, data, and leadership skills.

Tailored to the unique needs of your enterprise, FABC's software development services encompass a wide range of solutions. From token development and real-estate tokenization to decentralized exchanges and governance portal development, our innovative offerings position you at the forefront of the digital landscape.


Global certifications and upskilling programs

Equip your team with the skills to thrive in the web3 era. FABC offers high-end, hyper-customized training, skilling, and upskilling programs. Our certified education programs in Blockchain, Metaverse, and web3 are market-oriented. Participants can expect global certifications, and exclusive labs for idea validation and innovation


HR Solutions built for you

Finding the right talent can be challenging. FABC's specialized HR solutions simplify the process. Whether it's onshore outsourcing or contract-based outsourcing, our recruitment services are tailored to your needs. Access our global blockchain consortium of experts and human capital specialists, and let us help you build an exceptional team.

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