For Business

  1. FABc enables Enterprises for their Technical & Non Technical Web3.0 Skills & Certified Talents from our Skill Exchange, a Web 3.0 platform.
    FABc offers High-End Hypercustomised Training, Skilling and UpSkilling for Corporates to build a future proof and Web3.0 ready team.
  2. FABc offers Universities & Students a first of its kind Market oriented & High paying Employment focused Certified education programs in Blockchain | Metaverse | Web3.0.
    Every Certified students will have an access to our global Blockchain consortium of Subject Matter experts & Human Capital Domain specialists. This will help them become future industry leaders and access to global high paying opportunities.
    Their journey in the Platform as a learner to intern to employee or Innovator will have their CV converted as a NFT. Then their participation in the portal will have digital reward from the Community continuously for being part of the growing specialised web3.0 community.

The Platform offers First-Of-Its-Kind benefits:

SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS offered Job Oriented Trainings combining Technical & Funtional.

Blockchain Regulatory Framework | Blockchain Customer Experience & Digital Marketing | Blockchain Cybersecuity Framework.

Global Certification endorsed by Enterprises and Universities with AI based Skill validation.

Internship across Borders as Exchange program with Mentorship by global SMEs

Web 3.0 Application Tracking System with CV NFT as a digital asset for the individuals who attend the Training and be part of the Platform.

Employment opportunity of both Full-time and GiG on global projects for trained students

Employers can Outsource 3.0 Skills hiring and Managed Services specialised in Blockchain | Metaverse | Crypto | Web 3.0.

Exclusive labs for 3.0 Idea Iterate, Validation by 10+ Countries experts, Innovation Hackathons and Investment fund raise.

Join Along:

FABC along with Blockchain Centres believe that Education | Employment | Regulation | Innovation are the key to unearth the potential of Blockchain related technology and bringing it to the global economies scale.