About Us

Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Remote, the First Academy of Blockchain Council (FABC) was established to assist Startups, Large Enterprises, Governments, and Global Cryptocurrency Exchanges to recognize and utilize the benefits of blockchain for business, society, and economy.

We focus on developing skills and building a Future Ready Talent Pool and help bridge the skill gap in emerging technologies.

Our soon-to-launch Blockchain Platform will create a permanent, verifiable record of educational certificates and qualifications that will ensure control for Job seekers on who has access to their data and how it is shared. As a result, job seekers will be able to connect with businesses more readily, and employers will be able to match job candidates more quickly and accurately with open positions.

Our Vision

To establish a Web 3.0 Community that is based only on 'Skills identity' and prevent any Bias based on 'Human identity'.

Our Mission

FABC is dedicated to practically accelerating the adoption of Block Chain, Crypto and Web 3.0 as the emerging technology of choice in digital revolutin.

The council is comprised of, by and for the community itself, creating and mapping real world opportunities and challenges with: Skills, SME, Governments, Enterprises, Incumbents, Enterpreneurs, Educators, Labs, Vendors, Marketplace, Supporters.

The Offering

  1. A talent platform and skill exchange built on Blockchain, Crypto and Web 3.0 subject matter experts community & consortium. The skill exchange fills relevant skills, then made available in a most TRANSPARENT and with a power of access the fastest by Peer-To-Peer mode.
    - The employers can engage either on-demand and or an full time employment. FABC delivers managed outsourcing & managed services exclusive for Blockchain | Cryto | Web 3.0 companies.
  2. The learners or students are certified users on FABC platform. They are certified, badged with FABC minted NFT CV with a metamask link as irrefutable digital owner and skill asset earner.
    - The Interns | Trainees | Researchers | Employment seekers can engage either metamasked earner or regular profile data.
  3. The innovators and investors access our FABC labs where industry specific problem statements & solutions are exchanged for real world application.

Our Founder

Sakthi Visakan Rajaguru


A seasoned Global Tech Talent, Market Centric, Trend Concentric, demand & supply enabler for 25 Years across 4 Continents.

He is a HUMAN CAPITAL DOMAIN Subject Matter Expert recognized for the role of exponential value creation by advising, partnering and executing with Governments l Industry l Academics and won various Country level Govt & Academic awards and M&A.

He has Built Operate Transfer Talents Onsite, Offshore, Nearshore & Hybrid models with an extensive vertical coverage across Countries and journeyed Talent creation, education, employment, empowerment and investment in multiple technology curve. He has built value driven CROSS COUNTRY CAREER for 100+ Nationalities and Multiple hundred thousand jobs through his Entrepreneurial & Public listed Enterprise leadership. His innovation in building People Cloud, De-Centralised Tech Talent Exchange and a Democratic Career Market Place has been recognized as the next edge to watchout .